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Whiteley - the doco

Too much was never quite enough for Brett Whiteley.  He had a voracious will to experiment and his art-heroes were outliers; van Gogh, Baudelaire and Rimbaud .
A plethora of Whiteley’s works fill this film reminding us that the real gift he gave us all, through his creative practice was a new visual language for describing the Australian experience.
A quintessential bohemian Whiteley never allowed his gaze to fixate for long on mythical representations of ‘the bush’ or this island-nation’s desert-y interior.
Rather his exuberant lines and forms lingered on coastal urban Australia. Lavender Bay in Sydney, by the harbour, was his nadir; a residential scene with jacarandas dotting the footpaths of crooked streets that loom over a brilliant Yves Klein blue harbour.
Thank you Mr Whiteley.

Andy Warhol

A commercial success with critical acclaim. Some, perhaps ungraciously, say Andy Warhol’s greatest work of art was being Andy Warhol yet more than twenty years after his death, he remains one of the most influential figures in contemporary art and culture and a globally recognised ‘brand’
Warhol matters because he is the OG slashie and  a gifted old-school social networker, camera ever in hand.
Unlike many artists in the 20th century Warhol worked across a variety of creative forms including film, literature, poetry, visual art, design, screen, digital media, installation art, happenings, illustration, commercial art, publishing and curation . We hail his business acumen and observant eye.
His insatiable curiosity resulted in an enormous body of work and more importantly contributed to the blurring of the boundaries between high and low culture.
Thank you Andy for everything.


During the mid-1980s Björk Guðmundsdóttir was a member of several punk bands in her homeland of Iceland including the Sugarcubes.
Today she is an experimental/avant garde/alternative rock/post punk/electronic diva-warrior.
Collaborator and creative boundary-crosser the Icelandic artist is the driving force behind a large-scale pilot project that builds on the participation of academics, scientists, artists, teachers and students at all academic levels.  The Nordic Biophilia Educational Project.
Based on Björk’s Biophilia app suite of music and interactive, educational artefacts thee Project wants to use creativity as a teaching and research tool; where music, technology and the natural sciences are linked. We love this initiative to inspire children to explore their own creativity.
Thank you Björk.

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