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Good Problems

How might leaders establish a culture of finding good problems to solve as the engine for proactivity? By Min Basadur Many leaders are frustrated by their inability to motivate people. In some cases, it is because they are using the overly simplistic ‘scientific management’ concepts made popular in the early 20th century by Frederick Taylor, […]


By Robert Rose Almost 60 years ago, Peter Drucker coined the term ‘knowledge workers’, saying that a new generation of professionals and their productivity would become, “the most valuable assets of a 21st-century institution, whether business or non-business.” Unlike the previous century’s most valuable assets–production equipment–this century’s assets will be human, he said.  Knowledge workers […]


By Meghan Loneragan KINDRED’s first guests on The Tonic podcast, Megahan and Dom Loneragan, shared the ins and outs of instagram and as a follow on to the conversation Meghan has shared her thoughts about the highly influential social media platform Dominic and I tend to balk at the term ‘influencer’. It’s such a yucky, […]


By Lisa Colley & Professor Roy Green Australia’s central economic challenge has been starkly apparent for some time. It is to “rebalance” the economy with new sources of growth and productivity in the wake of a diminishing terms of trade contribution by primary commodity exports to our national income. The challenge has also now been […]

What we can learn from Edgar Allen Poe in the Era of Disruption

By Francis Cholle In recent years, neuroscience research has revealed three key facts that may change forever the way we think about and approach creativity: Instinct plays a leading role in complex decision making. Eighty percent of our grey matter is dedicated to non-conscious thought. Imaginative play is one of the most direct means of […]

Why is Fashion Crushing so Hard on Art?

By Carolina Totterman. Fashion designers like artists work with the elements and principles of design such as colour, size shape, tone, perspective, rythym and pattern as well as social, historical and cultural references. As creative practitioners and thinkers. naturally. they gravitate to galleries, museums, studios and archives for inspiration along with architects, musicians, writers and […]

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