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Episode 5: Art School Dreams. Business Realities with Cesar Cueva

Guest: Cesar Cueva
An object designer, gallerist and retailer Cesar Cueva is also the co-founder of the uber-successful group of retail stores known as Courtesy of the Artist located in Sydney’s iconic fashion destination The Strand Arcade.

Cesar is living proof that a reframe in terms of approach to a sustainable career as a creative practitioner, combined with entrepreneurial spirit IS a viable proposition.

Listen to Cesar talk about the approach to the business decisions he and his life & business partner, Nina, have taken which has fundamentally redefined the traditional career path for practicing creatives.

This episode demonstrates that Business is not a dirty word.

Episode 4: Joe Snell on Architectural Thinking

Guest: Joe Snell
As a registered Architect Joe Snell’s practice has crossed into the fields of interior design, large scale urban event installation and lighting design.

Cross-pollination of ideas through different typologies is a given in today’s hybrid world and Design Thinking as a concept has been embraced by big business. But what about Architectural Thinking? A mindset where a practitioner considers how to best articulate a complex issue, solve a problem, make a difficult decision or tell an intricate story with a purpose. Joe has been applying that approach intuitively to retail, commercial, event and retail projects, VIVID light installations and even as a Judge on four seasons of the popular television show ‘House Rules’ on the Seven Network.
Listen to Joe unpack the pillars of logic, imagination, intuition and systemic reasoning to ‘explore possibilities of what could be’.

Episode 3: Screen Distribution in the Age of Disruption

Guests: Emily Elise and Fan Force founder Danny Le Chèvre

Danny and Emily share their experiences as distributors of screen content and how they are navigating the way audiences consume and watch feature-length content.

While killer-storytelling is still as important as it ever was the business models of distribution ( built on a model of scarcity and exclusivity) have change radically in the age of apps and Kickstarter. The ruptures from this disruption have been anxiety inducing, chaotic, unsettling and uncomfortable for some in the business of screen content who fear a future of declining ticket sales and revenues, for entrepreneurs like Danny Le Chèvre, Fan Force founder, the Australian cinema-on-demand platform which has gone global, it is a change that is long overdue and he is determined to flip the script.

Episode 2: Artist-preneurs versus ‘Starving Artist Syndrome.

Guest: Stavroula Adameitis a.k.a Frida Las Vegas

Stavroula Adameitis is a slashie in every sense of the word. She works and creates in a fragmented economy piecing together a variety of roles as she forges her creative path.

A professional border-crosser Stav is multi-skilled and multi-faceted. In this episode she tackles the topic of crazy brave and bold creatives, accustomed to putting in ridiculously long hours as they chase their practice dreams, who glaze over when they hear words like, “Marketing.” “Negotiation” and “Procurement.” Stav dives into “starving artist” syndrome and shares her take on marketing and building a brand while retaining artistic credibility.

Episode 1: Photography, Instagram and Achievement-porn

Guests: Dominic and Meghan Loneragan

The dynamic duo behind ‘Citizens of the World’ share their experience with the gram and love it or loathe it, Instagram has been a game changer for the creative industries particularly on the craft of photography.

In the first ever episode of The Tonic we explore this hyper-new world of brand personas, influencers and heavily curated achievement porn from the perspective of practising Sydney based photographer Dominic Loneragan, owner of DL Photography, Parallel Productions and co-founder of Citizens of the World a travel and lifestyle instagram account with his partner Meghan.

YOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE: A blog post by Meghan, ‘Five Important Things I’ve learned as an Instagram Influencer’ in KINDRED’s blog, THE MINDSET. Follow the link below.

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