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                                                (the business of creative enterprise) 



KINDRED is not a consultancy, peak body or advisory service. It is an organic, dynamic network created and curated by creative practitioners for creative practitioners.


By encouraging and catalysing cross-generational/specialisation and sector exchanges and through collaborations with existing & established networks KINDRED fills knowledge gaps.

To stimulate and benefit startups and SMEs in the business of creative enterprise KINDRED gathers, sources, commissions, co-creates and shares accumulated knowledge and experiences to make a positive difference.


KINDRED‘s purpose is to contribute to a thriving creative industries sector in NSW.

We want the artists, designers, musicians, performers, advertisers, publishers, architects, broadcasters and screen content makers to–modestly or radically–make waves and disrupt the status quo, so they can scale and send ripples of productivity throughout the Creative Industry ecosystem.


This is your dedicated place to listen, engage, watch, read, find, connect and share with with fellow creatives.

You won’t find ‘listicles for success’ on this platform nor will you be interrupted by pop-ups spruiking ‘magical apps’ that promise to solve all of your business challenges.

Rather, because the best learning happens in the field–often with a dash of serendipity–you are going to find:

  • Videos, podcasts and thoughtfully written blog posts dedicated to the business of creative enterprise
  • Avenues to connect and mix with other practitioners in the creative industries
  • Practical guides and information about creative entrepreneurship and business essentials
  • An ever-growing catalogue of data and research to inform your creative business decisions
  • Community sourced guides

Which ever way you choose to engage, utilise and engage with KINDRED, you will be warmly welcomed into a community of like-minded makers and do-ers

Creativity is contagious. Pass it on, and enjoy the creative collisions that lay ahead.


… and if you have an idea for a collaboration/workshop/class/talk we are listening



The CI Ecosystem in NSW
The ‘Creative Friendly’ Supplier Guide


Last updated: July 14, 2017.
Video attribution: KINDRED, June 2017.

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Kindred acknowledges the traditional custodians of the lands on which we work and pays respects to the elders past, present and future.

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